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shanelles nails featured in the good lookAt Shanelle's Nails we are constantly working on our product to ensure we are offering you the best press on nails available, feel free to explore our full collection of press on nails.

This lockdown has been hard on all of us. To celebrate nail salons reopening in the UK, The Good Look created a list of black British nail artists you should be paying attention to & we made the list! 

Why this means so much to us

We are a very new company working very hard to get our name out there and make sure people know what we have to offer. The recognition feels great!  

We pride ourselves in not only releasing creative sets of press on nails, but also in inviting you onto our creative process. Every set we release is the result of a lot of time, trial, error and patience. Our Instagram is full our short tutorials to show you the creativity, love and care that goes into our creations. Here's a look our the feature:

Shanelle's Nails The good look featureThese are our acrylic, coffin shaped, long cow print press on nails and they are one of our favourite sets! As you can tell these are cow inspired however we also think they resemble dalmatian print, what do you think? If you love all things animal print, you'll love this set of nails, they are a fun twist on classic leopard print. 

Where you can read the full article

You can read the full article by The Good Look here.

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